Garrett Glass

Garrett Glass

Technical and Freelance Writer

Garrett is a technical writer who dabbles in games journalism. When he's not thinking about pop culture he--no, wait, he's always thinking about pop culture.

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Fallout article

Fallout 4 VR Preview: My Space-Time Manipulation Experience at ...

Fallout 4 VR Preview: My Space-Time Manipulation Ex...

Nightfeatured article

Night in the Woods Preview—Hits Too Close to Home

Night in the Woods is a game that wants you to think about death and stuff....

Roger article

Kickstarter Weekly: Band Saga, Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge, and Grimoire

This issue of the Kickstarter Weekly features a MOBA, RPG, and a Roguelike. Some are solid entries for the genre while others try something new....

The evil within wallpaper article

The Evil Within Preview – Quake Con 2013

Bethesda has partnered up with survival horror legend Shinji Mikami to create the Evil Within. Is it pure, old-school survival horror, or is it a trigger happy shooter?...

Dragonage article

The Koalition’s 2014 Game of the Year Winners

We reveal our full list of winners for 2014 Game of the Year and several other categories....

Reven article

Kickstarter Weekly: Classroom Aquatic and Reven

This Kickstarter Weekly shows off Reven and Classroom Aquatic....

The evil within game hd article

The Evil Within Review – Emphasis on Survival

For better or worse, The Evil Within is like the Survivorman of survival horror games....